Performance Fabrics

At DECO INTERIOR´S We passionately believe that textiles are the most important ingredient in design, comfort and exceptional life, which is why we place great importance on the performance quality of fabric.

If you have a full busy home to children, pets jumping on furniture beautiful or spaces to the outdoors that are vulnerable to degradation by climatic elements, it’s essential to put the ‘performance’ at the top of the requirements of your furniture!

How to spot performance fabrics

One of the big differences between basic fabric and performance fabric is the quality of the color. For most fabrics, the dye is applied as the last step in the manufacturing process, meaning that its color only penetrates the top layer of the fabric. This makes it more susceptible to discoloration, as a result of water spills, sun exposure, high usage, and other daily challenges. In a rarely used living room, the color of your sofa will probably last. But if exposed to any daily challenge, color can quickly fade.

Sunbrella’s high performance fabrics go beyond finishing, using UV stable pigments each yarn is dyed and then woven into the fabric from the beginning of the manufacturing process, so that the entire textile is completely saturated with color , making the fabric resistant to fading. Plus, the fabrics are specifically designed to resist mold, so you also don’t have to worry about your outdoor furniture being subject to water damage.

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